If on the Dashboard you see a History entry with the time shown as 00.00 as shown below:

This is because the date stamp inside Create History has been selected for today's date as shown in the example below:

Please note: that you do not need to do this if you are adding History for today's date.  The date stamp is only to be used if you are back-dating history. 

If you select today's date the History entry will then show on the Dashboard as 00.00 as shown in screenshot below:

It will only display as a date when the history rolls over to the next day. 

How to show History items in real-time on the Dashboard:

1. Simply create the history entry but do not date stamp it. 

2. Your history item will automatically show on the dashboard in real-time on the current day.  

3. After midnight that day the real-time will change to a date stamp i,.e previous days date.

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