How to insert an image:

Please make sure your image is saved as either a JPEG or PNG image file.   

Please note you will not be able to insert a PDF document as an image - it must firstly be changed to an image file. 


1. Firstly position your cursor where you wish to insert the image.   


2. To insert an image click on the Insert image icon as shown in red in the screenshot below:


3. This brings up the Insert/Edit image window as shown below:


4. You can view images already in your file library by clicking on browse button as shown in red below:



5. This takes you into a file image library as shown below:  Any pre-uploaded images will be shown here.

6. You can either select from one of the images in the library or if you wish to upload a new image click on Upload button as shown below:



7. When you click on the Upload option you will see the following pop up:

8. Click on the Add files button as shown above in red. 

9. This takes you into the images on your computer where you can then select your image to upload.  

10. Once you have selected your image please click on the Upload option as shown below:

11. Your image will then be uploaded into your image library as shown below:

12. Click on Close. 

13. Now you can select your image from the image library by clicking on the image you want to insert. 

14. A pop up window will be displayed as shown below:  The source field gives the file image directory. 

15. You can use the Image description field to name the image as shown in the example below:  This is optional 

16. You can re-size the image by using the Dimensions fields.   Please see the example below:

17. Make sure the check box for Constrain proportions is checked so that your image stays in the correct dimensions you have set when inserted into your email template. 

18. Click OK to insert.   Your image will then be inserted into your template as shown below:

19. Please click Save to save your email template.