Email activity not displayed on the Dashboard can be caused by an number of reasons:

The Customise button on the Dashboard not selected to display Emails

1. To set up the customise to display email ensure that you have checked the email box as shown in the example below: 


2. Click here to find out more.

There is a problem with your email provider not delivering emails

1. Check to see if you are having problems sending and/or receiving emails from your email provider i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc

2. Contact your email provider to explain the problem and they will check that the emails are being delivered to your CRM mailbox.

All email addresses used by your team as users need to be entered inside their  individual profile contact record:

1. Is the email you have sent the email from set up in your user profile?  

This needs to be entered in your profile so it can associate any emails coming into CRM account against the contact.  To do this ALL the email addresses you ever use to send out emails must be entered into your own contact record inside CRM account.  

Your own contact record is created automatically as soon as you are set up as a CRM user - which is associated to your user profile. 

2. Please check the email address that you sent the email from. Is this email address linked to your CRM user profile? Please click here to see more.

3. Once you have added ALL your email addresses listed against your contact record then you can resend or forward the email into the system and it will display on the dashboard as well as within a contact record the email is associated to.

If you have any questions about this please contact our Support Helpdesk.