How to call via your CRM account?

Once you have set up your X-Lite softphone on either a Windows PC or Mac you will then need to activate the Click2Call feature inside your CRM account - to do this please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Phone section along the menu bar:

2. Click on the Line Summary icon:

3. Here you will see a summary of your VoIP line(s).  Click on the Configure button next to the VoIP line:

4. Note the Extension number of your line as this is the number you need to set up on the Click2Call.

5. Now click on the Settings icon along the menu bar:

6. Here you will see the Click2Call field as shown below:

7. Enter the digits of the Extension number in the Click2Call box and click on Update Settings to save. 

8. You are now ready to use Click2Call so that when you click on a phone number or mobile number inside a contact record your Softphone will be activated and will dial the number.  

To find out more about this please read below:

Now call a contact from their record inside you CRM account using the click2call that will connect your softphone.

1. Go to Contacts section

2. Open up contact record.

3. Click on the phone number of the contact you wish to call on their business card.

4. A Click2Call window will appear as shown in the example below:

5. At the same time in the top right hand corner of your screen you will see the X-Lite Click2Call appear:

6. Click on the green phone icon to connect to the call.  

7. The X-Lite softphone will do the click to call for you.

Calling on your softphone when you are not logged into your CRM account or do not have a contact record to use Click2Call feature:

1. Simple click on the X-Lite icon on your desktop and the dial pad will appear.

2. The number you have entered via the dial pad will appear here as shown below in red:

3. Now click on the green phone icon to make the call - as shown below:

For any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.