To make sure that any SMS messages you receive (as a reply to an SMS you sent via your CRM account) are automatically forwarded into your CRM please see a step by step guide below: 

Please note: if you have an 03 VoIP line number then unfortunately SMS replies replies cannot be routed back as 03 numbers are not SMS enabled.  

Although you can use an 03 number to send out the SMS from it cannot be used for SMS replies. 

The same applies to a company name, if this is used in the SMS origination - replies to the SMS cannot be routed back if a company name has been added.  

For SMS replies to be received back, the SMS origination number must either be a geographic VoIP line number such as 01 or a virtual mobile number.  


1. Go into ‘Settings’ icon located along the top menu bar as shown below: 


2. Next select the ‘Global Settings’ tab 

3. Click on ’SMS Origination’ box and enter your VoIP line number:  

Please note: you will need to enter your VoIP line number without any spaces - there is a limit of 11 characters to display.  

4. By entering your VoIP line number inside the SMS origination field, it allows a reply to be received by email - which will be sent to your CRM email dropbox address and will show on the Dashboard. 

Please note - that if you have ported in a VoIP line number onto our CRM platform that SMS replies will not work in this way as the VoIP line number has been ported and so will not have the SMS overlay.  

5. Set up a new contact inside your CRM account called 'SMS Messages' and make sure you add your CRM email dropbox address to the contact saved as an email address, as shown in the example below:



Now to ensure that you are automatically sent an email message when you receive a reply to an SMS message you have sent, you will need to do the following:

1. You will need to add your unique drop box email address into the SMS relay field which is found inside the VoIP line configuration settings as shown below in red:    

Please DO NOT enter a phone number or mobile number here.

2. Please only enter an email address in this field as this will send an SMS message via email to you containing the message details as shown in the example below:

3. If you wish for the SMS email alert to be sent into your CRM account and displayed on the Dashboard, just enter your CRM email drop box address into this field and click on 'Update' as shown below:


If you are unsure what you CRM account email drop box address is, it will be the following: 

4. When someone replies to an SMS message you have sent  - (please click here to see how to send an SMS message), then their reply will automatically be sent into your CRM account and shown on the Dashboard. 

5. By clicking on the Dashboard entry it will take you into the History where you can view the full details of the SMS message you have received in via your mailbox:


If you have any questions about any of the above please contact our Support Desk.