Emails I send are not shown on the Dashboard why?

This can be due to the following: 

1. The email address you are sending the email from is not associated to your own contact profile.

2. You do not have the Customise options on the Dashboard selected for Email activity - hence you are not seeing all your activity shown.   Please click here to check your Customise options on the Dashboard to make sure you have these correctly set for your own activity. 

3. When you are set up as a CRM user, a contact record will automatically be created in your CRM account under your name with your email address recorded.  It is important that you populate your contact record with the correct email addresses that you commonly use. 

Add all of the email addresses you use personally into your own contact record i.e. you may have a company email address and a Gmail/Hotmail email address etc – add the ones you use to correspond with clients, suppliers and prospects.

Failure to do this will result in you having duplicate records (if you send an email from a different address not recorded inside your contact record). 

Also if an email is forwarded into your CRM account from a client you have been in contact with (i.e. an email address you have not put into your contact record) it will not associate the email (i.e. store the email into the history of their record). 

4. If sending out emails via the pop up email service or via e-Marketing, if an email has previously failed it will be blocked and hence no further emails will show up that have been sent to your contact.  To find out more about this please click here.

5. The email is not being sent to your dropbox email address for your account - this you will need to check with your email provider as if the email is not received by the CRM system it will not be processed and therefore you will not see a copy of the email on the Dashboard or inside the contact's History. 

How to add multiple email addresses to your contact profile. 

1. Inside the Edit window of your own contact record you will see round circles these are called radial buttons (as shown below in red).

2. Click on the radial button against the email address you want to be the default for your user profile (please make sure this is the email address you use and access most frequently) – as shown below in red.

3. When selected please click on Update to save.  This will ensure that any task reminders/updates, calendar event reminders and re-set password emails will go to this default email address. 



If you have any questions about this please contact our Support Helpdesk.