RECEIVED’ means that the gateway has received the message, but it has not yet been DELIVERED to the recipient. 

Please make sure you have completed the SMS Origination field found inside the Settings icon. 

Go to the Global Settings tab, with either a mobile number for the recipient to reply to or with your company name.

Here you will see the SMS Origination field - as shown above in red.  Please enter a mobile number (without spaces) or your company name.  

If adding a company name, please be aware there is a limit of 11 characters to display in the text message so you may have to shorten the company name to fit into the box.  

If you choose a phone number then the person can text back to you but if it has just the company name they will not be able to reply.


Click on Update Settings to save. 

Without this field being completed the SMS will not be sent but will be shown inside the Call Records as either Queued or Received.