Please check your Excel spreadsheet to make sure that you have the data in the cells completed such as Company, First Name, Last Name for each row.

We would normally expect to see a minimum of First/Last Name or E-mail address, if these are missing for any rows then this is why the data would not have been imported into your account.

Please also check your spreadsheet to see if you have any empty column at the end of the spreadsheet - as this may be affecting your data import. 

Please also make sure that the tag information contained under the Categories column is in lowercase text and not CAPITALS and a comma (,) is used to separate each tag group. 

Please also make sure that there are no commas (,) in the address fields, this can cause issues with importing as the commas indicate that these are comma separated values and so affect the mapping across of the data.  

The only column that can contain commas is the Categories column, where tag names can be separated with the use of a comma. 

Please send over your data import file to us by contacting our Support Helpdesk so that we can check this for you to help resolve this.