Managing Calendars

Users can manage their calendar settings to restrict or hide their calendar from the view of other users. 

Using the Manage Calendar button as shown below users can select the following options: 

  • Do not share
  • Share with everyone
  • Share but hide all details
  • Share with specific people (other users)

How to Manage your Calendar:

1. Click on the Manage Calendar button as shown above in red where you will see the following options:

2. My Calendars:  This will list any calendars that are related to your user profile: 

3. Click on your calendar shown under My Calendars where you will see a details window for that calendar you have selected as shown below:

4. The Share with everyone: option is automatically set to share a calendar with everyone, however you can change the settings by selecting:

Do not share or Share but hide all details from other users.

5. Just select the appropriate option and click on Save to update. 

6. You can also use the option Share with specific people: as shown below:

7. This works by typing in the persons name you wish to give specific permission to and then selecting from the drop down option the permission to:

8.When you have made your selection just click on the Add Person button.

9. Next click on Save.