By merging together a duplicate organisation contact you have merged together the individual people at that same company into one contact record.  

Please contact our support desk with the details of the company and any individuals associated at the company so that we can un-do this merge for you. 

In future please note the following:

If you see that you have duplicate company contacts then please check the individual people that may be recorded under these companies - it may be that all you need to do is to edit the organisation name of one of the companies:

Please see the example screenshot above which shows contacts in organisation mode.  You can see that there are two duplicate company contacts 'Caswell Ltd' and 'Caswell UK Limited'. 

It may be that all you need to do is to edit one of the company names so that Caswell Ltd is changed to Caswell UK Limited - as shown below:  Here you can see the contacts that are associated with this company:

You can switch to see your contacts by individual person view as this will show you individual people within organisations and not just company contacts. 

To switch to the individual person view click on the person icon as shown below in red:

Your contacts will then be shown in person view:  This will display both individual people contacts and company contacts.

You need to use the merge function to only merge together individual duplicate contacts – so for instance if there were 2 contacts called Jane Brown at the same company as shown below, this is when you would use the merge button to merge these two contacts together into one. 

By clicking on the Merge button you will be able to search for the duplicate contact 'Jane Brown' and merge the two contact records together into one, as shown below:

You will then see inside the History for the contact that a merge of a duplicate record was done: