How to populate drop down options on an Excel spreadsheet:

Please make sure that firstly your Custom Field drop down options are already set up inside your account. Please click here to find out how to set up custom fields as drop down menu formats. 

Once your Custom Fields are set up with the drop down options added then so long as you enter one of the drop down options already set up for the relating custom field the data will import into the correct custom field inside your account. 

For example the custom field 'How did they hear about us?' is a drop down format inside your account - as shown below:

Find on your Excel sheet the column heading 'How did they hear about us?  or if necessary add the custom field heading to the last column on your data import template and enter in one of the above drop down options - please make sure that you enter the text exactly as it is displayed inside the custom field as shown in the example below.

This will ensure that when your data is imported the correct drop down options will be entered for your custom field as shown below:

For more information and advice please contact our Support Helpdesk.