The best way to search your contacts with a birthday in a particular month, for example ‘June’ would be to set up tags such as ‘birthday-june’, ‘birthday-july’ etc and apply these to your contacts.

If you already capture the Date of Birth for your contacts you could run an export of your entire contacts database – this would provide you with a copy of your contacts in an Excel .CSV file.


Please ensure that you keep the first column heading on this Excel sheet called ‘ICUniqueID’ as this is vital as any information added to your contacts will then automatically update the contacts recorded inside your CRM account when you come to re-import your data with the updates.

Our advice is that you can delete all the column headings that you do not need to update (please make sure you delete any columns which contain phone numbers as when re-imported this can affect the format of your existing numbers - this is an Excel issue) and only update the column heading called Categories with your new tags.

Use the column heading ‘Birthdays’ to populate the Categories column with the correct tag for instance someone whos date of birth is 23/04/1975 would be tagged as ‘birthday-april’


When you have finished you can re-import your data back into your CRM account and you will see your new tags have been added.

Please click here to see how to do this. 


You can then use tag searching to find your contacts with birthdays in a particular month.  The example below shows from the search that there are 3 contacts whose birthdays are in June.