There are 2 ways to do this:

1. We can set up automated trigger emails to go out to your clients so you do not have to do this manually - please contact our Support Helpdesk and we can quote you on setting this up. 

2. Alternatively you can set this up manually.

Please follow instructions below to set up a manual reminder: 

1. You will firstly need to set up tags for the birthday month inside Settings - Global Settings where you can add new tags i.e. jan-birthday, feb-birthday,mar-birthday etc - please click here to see how to set up tags. 

2.  Export out all data from your contacts and delete ALL columns EXCEPT client ID (first column) and the column called birthday (this stores the clients date of birth)

3.  You now have 2 columns on your spreadsheet client ID and birthday,

4. Create a new column heading called Categories

5. Now cross check the date of birth month in the birthday column i.e. 12.4.1982 would display as April being the month so enter 'apr-birthday' in the categories column

6. Once the data has been re-imported back into your CRM account you can then search on all the contacts birthday months by using tag searching

7. When sending out an email campaign to a particular birthday month choose the email campaign you want to send and then click on the birthday month tag you wish to send your email out to. 

For assistance please contact our Support Helpdesk.