Setting up an Automated Birthday trigger Email

We can set this up for you at a small cost.  This is how they work:

1. Set up a Custom Field birthday reminder trigger email by going into Settings in your account:

2. Click on the Global Settings tab and then go down to global Custom Fields and add a new field by pressing the + add new button as shown below in red: 

3. An new field will appear - complete the first box which will be heading in example above we have called it Birthday Email Offer.  Click the next box along which is a drop down and select date. Click on Update Settings to save as shown below in red: 

4. Now when you go into a contact record you will see the custom field Birthday Email or SMS text offer - see below.

5. Here you will enter the clients date of birth - this will trigger the email to go out once it has all been set up.

6. If you are sending out an email promotion - let us know the name of the email and we can associate it to the birthday email offer reminder.    We can personalise the email with Dear [Firstname] field.

7.  If you are sending out an SMS promotion - let us know the content - maximum 160 characters per SMS text message - also we will need to set up the SMS origination so that the client can respond back to your text be sure to mention this to us to set it up for you.

8.  When the email goes out a copy will get sent to the contacts record and stored under history - if they click on a link inside the email birthday offer or open it - you will be able to see instantly inside their contact record to see if they are responsive.

We can set up different rules for one or more email or SMS reminders to go out:

We set the rules either to send the birthday email on the day of the clients birthday

We can send out a promotion birthday email/voucher a week or 2 weeks before their birthday is due.

We can send out a combination of SMS and emails.  You decide.

Please note: that emails cost 1p an email and sms cost 10p each. We do have discounted rates and plans for high volume.

To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.