Yes staff can work from home using our CRM with an integrated VoIP line.  

Firstly the person must have a good broadband connection at their home to not only run our CRM but also support an added VoIP phone line.

We would ask them to provide the following information:


1. Broadband tests to see if the current broadband at home is sufficient to support VoIP:


To ensure that your broadband has sufficient speed and bandwidth to provide good quality VoIP at your home, we need you to do a very quick test as follows:


A. Click on ‘Begin Test’ as shown below:



B. Let the test run it should take around 30 seconds to complete. 

C. When the test has finished please email the results to  our Support Desk.



D. Once we have checked the results we will come straight back to you to advise you further.


Good Results would be: 


  • MOS score of 4.0 or higher
  • Upload speed is important (faster than 1mb)
  • Download speed will depend on their environment – if there are lots of people all sharing a small amount of bandwidth – then it can cause issues. We use high definition codec – which requires 80 kbps in each direction. 
  • Low latency is good
  • Jitter as low as possible, the lower the score the better.
  • Packet Loss – ideally 0% - if there is packet loss this has a significant impact on call quality


Generally speaking if you are on an ADSL / FTTC / Virgin broadband connection there should be no problems with adding a VoIP line.  

However please note that if you are on a satellite broadband connection then we do not recommend VoIP as it will not be sufficient to support good quality calls. 

2. Internet Set Up: Please provide the following information: 


A. Who is your existing broadband provider and what package do you have?


B.  What type of router do you use? Please provide make and model - this is very important as some makes and models are not compatible to run VoIP.   

Routers that are recommended for VoIP are listed below:


  • Technicolor TG582n PRO or the TG589n
  • Cisco RV042(G) / RV082 / RV016 / RV110W / RV180W / RV320
  • Cisco Integrated Services Routers (1900/2900/3900 series)
  • Draytek 2830 / 2820 series
  • ZyXEL range
  • Netgear DG834(g)/ DGN2000 / DGN3500  /WNR2000
  • Linksys by Cisco ADSL and cable routers


C. What type of IP address does your router use?  Fixed (statistic) or Dynamic?  Usually home broadband connections are run on a Dynamic IP address but we would need you to confirm this with your ISP. 


Please note: that VoIP phone equipment provided by us is usually configured to run on a Dynamic IP address so if you use a static IP address you must advise of us this before your phone equipment is set up.

3. VoIP Phone Number

A. Do you wish to have a new VoIP number or do you want to port an existing number over to VoIP?

Please note: that we can supply you with any local geographic numbers in the UK or if you would like we can supply national 03 or 08 numbers


B. How many VoIP lines do you require?


4. VoIP Phone Equipment

A. In order to run your VoIP line from home you will need to purchase a VoIP phone equipment, we have a range of Gigaset VoIP phone models available to suit all budgets, please click here to see the range. 

If you have any questions or to discuss further please contact our Support Desk.