Restrict Access by Department/Office 

Many businesses have multiple departments or offices at different locations and want to separate out the functions or locations inside their CRM account - we can do this by using tag based security.  

Here are some examples of what can be achieved:

1. Set up a tag for each office by going into Settings and then Global settings and adding in those offices i.e.  could be head-office, Scotland office, Wales office etc: 

The screenshot below shows fixed tag filter to display only the contacts for Head Office and not the other sites:

Can other offices work completely independently inside the CRM but restrict access to certain areas of the CRM?

Yes there are many parts of the CRM that we can set up a restriction access for such as: 

  • Contacts - tag based security will restrict this.

  • Dashboard view - tag based security will restrict this.

  • Calendar - can set up permissions on calendar so you can control who sees your calendar.  Please note that if a user selects the share with everyone option for their calendar settings then everyone in the whole organisation sees their calendar.

  • Tasks - private to user but if global folders set up then all users in the organisation will can see these.

  • Files - We cannot hide folders or sub folders.

  • e-Marketing - We can hide this from certain users only giving access to certain users and then use e-marketing folders to separate out however they will still be able to see other users work.

  • Internal email templates - visible to user option and if visible to everyone then the whole organisation will see the templates.

  • Telephony - we can hide this area if needed.

  • User restrictions - Learn more about how to restrict you users access click here 

To discuss your exact requirements further please contact our Support Helpdesk.