In order to create URL links to PDF documents stored inside the Files repository you will need to contact our Support Helpdesk for a unique ID number which we issue you with.  

Once you have this unique ID number you can then start creating URL links to PDF documents following the instructions below:

1. Save your PDF document inside the Files section - please make sure it is not saved within a folder but instead in the MyFiles section as shown in screenshot below:

2. Right click to rename the file - as you will need to have underscores _ to join up the text instead of spaces for the URL link to work:

3. Add the underscore _ as shown below and click on Rename: 

4. Once the file has been successfully renamed you can then create the URL link to the document. 

5. Open up a Word document

6. Typed into a Word document the following:

7. Please make sure you do not paste in any of the text from the file name as the text must be manually typed in for the hyperlink to work correctly. 

8. This then automatically becomes a URL hyperlink which you can now use to link up to your PDF document. 

9. URL links can be used to link text inside a document with the PDF document.