How to extract out open rates on an email campaign into a CSV (excel spreadsheet format)?

1. Go to your email marketing campaign and click on the report graph symbol.

2. This will display the report statistics relating to your email campaign.

3. Click on the OPENED link and this will display the option to choose CSV or PDF.  Select CSV and this will download the email address details of all those email recipients that opened your email campaign.

4. The excel CSV file will pop up ready to download and save to your PC. Click on the OK button see example below:

5.  Once it has downloaded just open it up and the data will display in the CSV file ready for you to analyse or manipulate.  

Notice it will pull out the name of the campaign i.,e Nail Promotion in this example and Opened.  If you have chosen to download the click throughs then the data would read Nail Promotion - Clicked instead.