1. Go into your email campaign report by clicking on the report icon as shown below:

2. Select 'OPENED' and click on the reTAG option as shown below: 

3.  A pop up window will appear for you to enter you new tag.  See example below:

4. Once you have entered you new tag click the OK button.  

Please note: you can add more than 1 new tag - to do this separate the tags with a comma (,) but no space i.e. opened mar15,nail promotion.  

5. Click to confirm by selecting OK button

6. Now the tag has been created.  Go into contacts and search in the tag search to find your new tag.

7. Click on the Tag Search button:

8. A pop up window will appear to show the new tag you have created.

9. Click on the tag an it will open up list of those email addresses that opened the email campaign.

10. If you create a new email campaign and go to send it - you will see the new tag that was automatically created so you can send out the campaign to that target group.