What does Opened mean? 

Opened results show that the person has actually opened your email to read it – by double clicking on the email to open it up.  

This indicates that the subject line of the email was engaging to encourage the person to click open your email campaign. 

What is a good opened rate? 

The Opened” rate is calculated by taking into account all the emails that are accepted and read by the recipient. 


Generally speaking, a good range of “Open” rate is between 15% and 25% for marketing emails, and between 30% to 40% for transactional emails.


Each business sector’s open rates are different so we would recommend that you learn the open rates for your particular industry. 


Please remember that good subject lines are important as this is what encourages the recipient to open your email campaign. 

What does Clicked mean? 

Clicked results mean that the person has gone 1 step further than just opening the email, they have clicked on a link contained in the email – this could be a link to a website, social media site etc.

This is great feedback on the content of your email as the reader has engaged by clicking on a call to action such as 'book now'.