The History section within a contact record allows you to store all types of communication that has occurred between you and your contacts as shown below:

Inside the History section, all correspondence and communication can be shared with the team – who said what to whom, when i.e. phone calls, copies of emails, documents, details of meetings/bookings, SMS messages, faxes, e-marketing campaigns etc can all be seen here.  

The latest most recent communication is shown first with the most recent date and time: 

The user who entered the History information is also shown with their name in brackets as shown above. 

History items can be separated into Email, Phone, Note, Meeting etc.  

If you wish to customise these categories i.e replace Meeting with Appointment or change Note to Quote  etc – whatever is appropriate to your business we can offer these changes please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out more.  

Whatever is recorded inside the History section is also shown on the Dashboard Activity as shown below: 

To see how to add new History against a contacts record please click here