Using the Merge Button: 


The main difference is that the Merge button is to be used for when you have duplicate contacts to ‘merge’ everything into one record.

The Merge button allows you to merge duplicate contacts as well as contact details, notes, history items, custom fields and tags together into one record.  

Please note: that only Admin Users or those users with specific access to the Merge button will be able to use this button. 


The example below shows two duplicate contacts:  

In most cases one of the duplicate records will contain more information than the other - so it is best to open up the contact record with the most populated information - such as History, Notes, Custom Field information as you will need to keep this contact as the master with the duplicate record merged into this master record.  


Click on the Merge button as highlighted above in red. 


Use the search field to find the duplicate contact you wish to merge in with this master record - as shown below the contact's name has been entered into the search field to find the duplicate record:   


Please note you can also search for duplicate organisation names and email addresses as well. 

Select the duplicate record by putting a check in the box next to the name - then click on Merge - the duplicate contact will then be merged into the master record - you will see a confirmation of the merge as shown below:

A Merge History record will also be automatically recorded inside the contact's record - as shown below:

Using the Clone Button:


The Clone button is to be used for when you want to add a new individual person contact record to a company so that instead of having to re-type address details, main contact numbers etc you can simply click on the Clone button to then add in the individual person details to then add a new contact at a company. 


You can be in either 'individual mode' or' organisation' mode to be able to use the clone button - please see the example below which shows an individual person record where the Clone button is highlighted in red:  



By clicking on the Clone button you can create a new contact like this one but only with a different name, job title, telephone/email address to reflect the new person as shown below:

When you have completed the details just click on the Copy button as shown above. 

The contact will then be added - please note that the contact you cloned will have all the tags that relate to the contact record you cloned from - as shown below:

So you may need to amend the tags to reflect this new contact record.

If you have any questions please contact our support desk.