The pop up email is another way of sending emails to your contacts which sends the email out over the e-Marketing platform which allows you to track the response to your email so you can see when the recipient has OPENED, CLICKED the email etc. 

Please click here to read more about this email platform. 

If you do not want to see the pop up email window when you click on a contacts email address just go to the Settings icon along the menu bar.

Inside Settings you will see a tab called Your Settings.

Here you can un-check the box for 'default to pop up email' 

Make sure this box is blank and click on Update Settings to save.

Now when you click on a contacts email address is will instead link up with your email client such as Outlook 

If you wish to access the pop up email service without having to change the Settings just click on the envelop icon and you will see the Pop Up email window displayed.