To enable Gigaset Dect phones to be used in different locations throughout your offices you can use a repeater so it will pick up the signal strength at ranges further away from the router and Gigaset Base Station. 

A repeater can be used when there is a need to extend the range of a DECT telephone arises. The repeater can also be utilised wherever there is a need to increase limited coverage or improve reception in remote areas.

We suggest the following compatible repeaters:


There are 2 models available:

1. A standard RX 4002 repeater at £65 + VAT 

2. An RX 4002P Pro Dect repeater at £95 + VAT

Please see an image below of an RX 4002P repeater:

Further information can be obtained from:


Alternatively – there is a multi-cell solution – which would cost around £1,500 + VAT (2 cells plus the base plus some handsets). 

This allows you to wander around with your hands free Gigaset Dect phone into different areas of your office space and sets up a roaming feature so that the phone can still be used and will not be out of range.

If you have any questions on the above please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.