If you are using your VoIP line with a Gigaset handset which has been pre-configured by us then the line is dedicated to this device for incoming calls as the default. 

If you then set up X-Lite for your mobile device, you will be able to make outgoing calls when you set it up however you will not receive incoming calls to your VoIP number on your mobile.

Incoming calls to your VoIP number this will always default to your Gigaset handset as you can only have the VoIP line set up for one platform at a time, you cannot have it set on multiple devices.

A couple of ways around this would be:


  1. To have another separate VoIP line dedicated for your iPhone for incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Simply divert you current VoIP line to the mobile whilst you are out of the office. (if you divert to a mobile remember you pick up the call costs not the person calling which would be 3p per minute to a UK mobile)

If I switch off my Gigaset Phone will that not then route to my mobile to receive incoming calls?

Your calls would just go to voicemail on your Gigaset handset as this is the default.  Just turning off the handset will not route calls to the mobile.  The only way around this is to choose one of the options suggested above to receive incoming calls.