If you have an email receptor set up which is an email notification to your CRM dropbox address to feed in website form enquiries into your CRM system then we can also set up for you an acknowledgement email - which would automatically be sent out to each person who completes your form to acknowledge their enquiry. 

Please note that this email would be sent via the e-Marketing system so would be charged at 1p per email. 

The email acknowledgement template must first be set up inside e-Marketing

We use a Email Template ID number which we capture on the email notification which is sent into your CRM account - the email acknowledgement is then sent out directly to the contact. 

This acknowledgement email allows you to track the response so you will see when the person has OPENED the email etc. 

Please note that in order to set up an automated acknowledgement email you must have created your email template inside the e-Marketing section of CRM and have noted your template ID number. 

The template ID number can be found inside the 'Campaign Editor' window where you will see the ID number in the bottom right-hand corner.

When the acknowledgement email has been sent out to the person this will be shown on the Dashboard as shown in the example below:

To find out more please contact our Support Desk.