1. Search for contacts with the tag you wish to remove applied by clicking on the tag label icon inside the main contacts page as shown below:

2. Select the tag name that you wish to remove by clicking on the tag name as shown below:

3. This will list your contacts where that tag has been applied.

4. Switch to 'List' view if not already in this view

5. Click on the checkbox to select all the contacts listed - each contact will then checked:

6. Click on the green tags tick icon as shown below in red:

7. Choose the 'Remove' tag option

8. Select the tag name from the choice of tags that you wish to remove with a check:

9. Click on Update to remove the tag from your contacts. 

10. This will remove the tag you chosen from your selected contacts. 

11. If you no longer need this tag you can remove the tag name from inside the Settings, Global Settings tab - please click here to see more.