1. Remove the data you have just uploaded into your account - please click here for the instructions on how to remove contacts. 

Be careful NOT to remove ALL your data if you have only uploaded a small group of data - you should have tagged this group so you will easily be able to find them when you search on that tag group.  

If you are unsure please send to our Support Helpdesk and we will assist you.

2.  Now adjust your spreadsheet that you want to re-import but to ensure that phone numbers start with zero.

Please Note: The telephone numbers can sometimes be displayed without the zero (0) at the start of the number and can sometimes bunch all numbers together so that you do not have the area code shown as shown in the example below:

This is an Excel formatting issue as the text is in 'general' format and therefore needs to be changed to a 'custom' format - please see instructions below on how do to this:

3. Highlight the cells that are affected as shown below:

4. Right click with your mouse and select Format Cells as shown below:

5.Choose the 'Custom' option as shown below:

6. Then click on the '0' option in the Type list - as shown below:

7. Here you can type in 11 zeros as shown below:

00000 000000  (11 in total) 

8. Five zeros are together which present the area code, the remaining six zeros represent the remaining part of the telephone number.

9. Click OK

10. Your telephone numbers will be correctly displayed as shown below: