Please check the URL address you have entered in the address bar of your Chrome browser. 

It is likely that you have put in an incorrect URL address for to access your CRM account. 

Make sure you have entered your address as: 

There should be no www. at the front - if you are using this you are likely to see this error message. 

Unable to login using Google Chrome the system will not login after I have entered my username and password

Please check the version of Google Chrome you are using as it sounds like you may need to update the version of Google Chrome browser you are using - please click here to see how to check you are running the latest version. 

Please also clear the cache and cookies on the Google Chrome browser to see how click here and then reload your CRM account so that you can login. 

The issue should then be resolved.  If it is not please contact our Support Helpdesk to report further details so that we can investigate.