You can search for contacts by both Tag groups and Custom Fields together to further filter your contacts - please find some information below on how to do this. 

1. From the Contacts section click on the tag label icon as shown below in red: 

2. Search on your desired tag group(s) by clicking on the tag names - the tag you have selected will then be displayed:

3. Now you can search within the chosen tag group for custom field matches by doing the following:

4. Enter your custom field result into the search box:

Please note: the custom field search will only display the given values that have been entered for instance this one is 'How did you hear about us?' the result of which is 'networking' which can be searched for. 

This will then find all contacts (within the tag group) that match the custom field search result as shown in the above screenshot. 

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.