Please click here to watch a short video tutorial on Tag searching. 

How to search on Tags

1. Search within contacts via tag search cloud and tag filter box.

When you click on the Tag search button a pop up window will appear with the tags that you have associated to contacts.  

Enter the name of the Tag in the Filter Tags box - see screenshot below:

To search for multiple tag groups just click on the Tags search icon again and select another tag group: 

2. Tag search inside contacts main screen using the drop down options:

Search Tag:

Search Name (no tags)

This will display all contacts without any tags that have been applied to their contact records. 

Search Name (exclude tags)

To search on all the contacts but exclude one or more tag groupings use the Name (exclude tags) option which is located in the Search contact drop down search box - see example below.

Enter the name of the tag you wish to exclude in the Search box. Click on link for step by step instructions on how to exclude tags

The contacts displayed will exclude the tag(s) you have set to exclude from the search.