Using a STUN server may be necessary if you experience router issues where you are unable to disable the SIP ALG setting - to allow VoIP traffic through. 

1. You will need to access your VoIP IP addresss - please click here to see some instructions on the above to help you find your VoIP IP address.


2. Type in the VoIP IP address into a browser window on your PC and press the return key to load the page.


3. This brings you into the Gigaset web interface login screen - enter 0000 as the password to access and click OK as shown below to login:




4. This will bring you to a Gigaset main screen see example below.  Click on the Settings option as shown in red:



5. Next click on Telephony option as shown below:

6. Then select Connections - as shown below:

7. Click on Edit as shown in the example below for any one of your VoIP lines:



8. This will then display the IP connection screen as shown below: 

9. Next click on ‘Show advanced settings’ as shown above in red.  You will then see the following displayed: 

10. Make sure you click on Stun Enabled 'Yes' 

11. In the STUN server address field enter: 



12. Then click ‘Set’ to save as shown above in red.

When you have finished please log off to exit.