Yes we can offer a a few options such as a simple one-way sync from our CRM into QuickBooks, or another option where we can pull an invoice from QuickBooks back into our CRM - to be stored inside the contact's record.  Please see further information below: 

Option 1: Simple one-way sync

We can set up a 'Push' button inside our CRM which would be inside a contact's record that will push your CRM contact profile details i.e. name, address etc into your QuickBooks account – one-way.

How will it work?

When you create a new contact record or edit an existing one inside your CRM account and then click on the Update button we can link this to push up the updated contact details into your QuickBooks account. This will only pull out the contacts profile information i.e. name, address, email etc not anything else.

Please note this feature will not provide 2-way sync between QuickBooks and our CRM it is purely to push up contacts from our CRM database into QuickBooks.

Cost to set up: 

One off fee of £250 + VAT

Option 2: Ability to generate invoices in QuickBooks and pull these back into our CRM

Invoices are generated in QuickBooks and could then be 'pulled' back into our CRM in a PDF document. 

We would also push contact updates from our CRM to QuickBooks (one-way sync as described above in option 1 – so that way you have the contact details available and we would know the QuickBooks contact reference number so be able to associate the invoices back into the relevant contact's record - inside the History section).

Cost to set up:  

From £500 + VAT

Option 3: Generate invoices in our CRM

An invoice could be created inside our CRM which we would need to push into QuickBooks and then pull back the generated invoice and populate this to the client record under History section – we would be duplicating what QuickBooks have in respect to the invoice creation. To quote we would need to see some example invoices here.

Cost to set up:  

If invoices are simple then adding this would be  £750 + VAT – but if complex could be considerably more.

Please note: We can look and advise on any of the above based on specific requirements however please be aware any custom integration will have a one off cost associated to it so it would be advisable to know budget to ensure we quote based on this guideline.

Please contact our support desk to discuss your requirements further.