This could be due to a number of reasons:

1. Check to see if your broadband is connected to other companies within the shared service offices.  This can be quite common.  If this is the case then there may be bandwidth issues etc which are affecting your VolP calls as there are other businesses using the same broadband line. You may get this issue happening sporadically - this may be when other companies are downloading big data files at certain times of day etc. 

2. Please click here to run a speed and ping test on the broadband line you are using - try running the tests at different times of the day when 'traffic' on the broadband line is busy.

3. If calls continually keep cutting out please click here for further guidance on this.

4. To resolve this would be to upgrade your broadband service inside the service office to give you faster and better bandwidth.  If there are a few of you in your company it would make sense to get a dedicated broadband line to accommodate your VoIP and PC broadband capacity.  Speak to your serviced office provider.

5. Alternatively some serviced offices will allow you to independently get  your own dedicated broadband line installed at the office that would be better to ensure you have faster upload and download speeds.