We provide a direct mail A5 post card service - the post card is double sided colour, high gloss and laminated on 300 gsm card. 

We charge a one-off fee to set up the postcard and would need to quote on this - depending on whether we create it from scratch or whether you have the artwork etc from the designer will determine this price.

The cost to send out an A5 colour postcard is 79p + VAT each (including 2nd Class postage and printing).  

If you wish to send the postcards 1st Class, this would be £1 + VAT each. 

 You simply provide the design and we do the rest for you directly from your CRM account.

Please see some examples below of the type of postcards that can be produced:

Merge fields can be inserted to personalise the postcard to your recipients. 

There are no minimum quantities required for postcards. 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss your requirements further.

A5 Postcard Guidelines: 

Please click here to see an example of the layout that is needed for the A5 postcard - which allows you to see the space available for the address and stamp etc. 

Page 1 - talks you through the front cover of your postcard the main focus, make sure your image is not cropped out by placing your artwork correctly within the safe zones.

Page 2 - the reverse of your marketing postcard is just as important as the image - place your text within the guidelines so you can get your message across with ease.

Page 3 - will be where the address and indicias are inserted.

Once you have completed creating your postcard content and imagery following the guidelines please send it back to our Support Helpdesk and let us know the following: 

  • Who it needs to be sent out to i.e. everyone in the database, or specific tag groups etc?
  • When the postcard mailing is to be sent and via what method i.e. next day or second class delivery?

Postcard FAQs:

Question: What format do you need the postcard design in? 

Answer: We would suggest ultimately using PDF format.  The maximum file size should be under 4Mb for the front and back together.

Question: Can we have extra postcards printed out (as flyers) without the address, postage and indicias printed on them? 

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot produce additional postcards without the indicias or postage printed on them.  You could get the additional postcards printed via http://printed.com

Question: Are the postcards recyclable? 

Answer: Yes, the postcards are laminated on one side with a Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film.  Both the film and the postcard paper are recyclable.