Why set up a Sales Activity Report?


To help businesses manage their sales leads more efficiently they use Sales Pipeline tracking.  

The CRM system has this built into the custom fields section of your account.  We can simply help you map out what you want to track and then at a glance you and the sales team can see exactly how the lead is progressing at each stage, from an enquiry - prospect - call - sending a quote or setting up a meeting - follow up -  through to a sale.

Please click here to see a short video example of a sales pipeline with a customised sales pipeline report. 

Here is an example (below) of how we would set one up for you.  You can change the layout of the one demonstrated and we would consult with you on what the key areas you wish to track and report on.

The Sales Pipeline custom row details will populate into a Sales Activity Report.  It helps you and the team track the stages that the prospect is at and how much you have quoted quickly and easily.   

See example below of custom row:

The sales pipeline custom row has been set up to track the stages of the lead through to quotation. 

The sales team enter the information inside a contact record and then this information is captured in a report.

Note in this example we have drop down for owner, status, next action and the report will filter these columns.

Example below shows the contents of the Status dropdown.

Next pull off the data from the Activity report which can be accessed via a button on the Dashboard. 

A pop up window will appear displaying the Activity report - see example of the report below:

What makes this report dynamic is the ability to filter on different options i.e. date, lead source, status, quotes, sales person, sales etc you choose. 

On this report we have chosen to filter by date range, source, status, next action which are those custom fields inside the sales pipeline custom row.

Here is how the filtering works inside the report.

Search on the Date filter: Date From and To:

When you click into the Date From box a pop up calendar appears for you to select the date you want the report to search from. 

Date range gives you much more flexibility.

However you can choose to fix the range to specific i.e week, month, year.  You decide which you prefer.

Filter by source:

You can filter All the Sources to get a complete overview or click down to one particular source i.e. you may want to just see all the leads that have come in as a referral or via your website. 

Having the filter enables you to do more refined analysis on your leads and sales and marketing activity.

Filter by Status:

See what stage leads are at how many of Lee's leads are lost, won or pending? 

This helps you see how the pipeline is progressing per team member or see the list as a complete overview of all the team, ie. how many leads have been won in total by the team.

Filter by Next Action:

This is useful to see the follow up on the lead i.e. what is happening i.e. follow up call, book in a meeting, chase up quote etc.

Filter by All the Sales Team or Filter by an individual

There are various ways to access the pipeline report:

1. We can set the report to display in real-time on-screen
2. Automatically email out a copy of the pipeline report ie. weekly, monthly in pdf, csv or excel format
3. Option buttons to pull off as PDF, .CSV file or in Excel format inside the CRM account or print to PDF.

Please Note: We can quote for Excel format too if required please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out more. 

To find out more and to discuss your requirements please contact our Support Team.