If you are wanting to use the same VoIP line number at home and at an office location please note that you will need a separate extension line of your VoIP number to use at one of the locations. 

This is because problems can arise when sharing a single extension line across two different locations - where you have phone equipment at each location. 

For instance if working at home your home VoIP phone line may not ring - as calls may be defaulted to ring at your office premises and vice versa. 

You will need a separate VoIP extension line for your VoIP line number which will be an additional £9 + VAT monthly charge for this line please contact our Support Desk to get this set up. 

Please note that by doing the above you will need to change your Click2Call settings depending on which location you are working from. 

For instance if working from home you may be on the 'correct' click2call extension line but if working from your office you may need to enter your 'other' extension line into the Click2Call settings to be able to make outbound calls from your office phone. 

Please also advise us of any call configuration you need set up so that if someone dials your VoIP line that both extension lines ring at home and in the office so that you do not miss any calls.