Please note: a Gigaset Desk phone can be used in an office where calls from a desk phone can be answered and transferred across to a Gigaset cordless Dect phone only if a short cut extensions have been set up to allow for calls to be transferred over to a Gigaset Dect phone.

To see how to transfer a call from a Gigaset Desk phone to another phone please click here.

Please contact our Support Desk if you need short cut extensions set up.

Please note that if using a Gigaset Dect phone with an N300 IP Base Station that this Base supports up to 6 Dect phones and calls can be transferred via handset names - from one Dect phone to another Dect phone. 

However, if a call is transferred from a Dect phone to a Desk phone that Desk phone will need to have an extension line for the call to be transferred over to from the Dect phone - please click here to read more.