About Read-Only Access

Read-only access is popular for users within the organisation who do not need to use any of the edit features within your CRM account and for those who only need to view certain information: i.e.

  • Management (who just want to see overview of team activity)
  • Engineers who just want to see their appointments in the calendar and tasks reminders in the task section.
  • Accounts - Just want to view accounts section for invoicing

How to Set Up Read-Only Access

We can set up a Read-Only user for you - just let us know the details of the user and their email address and what you wish them to be able to see by sending an email to your support desk.

By applying a 'Read-Only' rule for a user this will disable any such edit features inside the CRM system so for example they would be unable to: 

  • Edit a contact
  • Tag a contact
  • Add History
  • Add Tasks
  • Add Notes

The example below shows a read-only view of a contact's record where there are no buttons such as Edit, Tags, Clone etc:

We can also hide certain sections inside a read-only user account, for example, we can hide the Phone, e-Marketing, Files and Accounts sections of your CRM account as shown in the example below: 

Please be aware that a Read-Only user will still have access to the Settings icon - where they can only view their own profile settings as well as the Help and Logoff icons which are along the top of the menu bar. 

As a further step we can also make the Task section read only - this means that a CRM user would be unable to edit or delete any tasks. 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss further.