To add the Direct Mail feature starts from £150 + VAT to set up depending on how many forms, letters, postcards etc you want to set up.  After this letters and postcards can be sent out, please contact us for pricing for 1st Class or 2nd Class delivery.  

What this includes: 

  • A button setup inside a contact record that when clicked will then pop up the merged letter, automatically populated with their contact details i.e. name and address. 
  • Ability to see the letter ready to send out. 
  • A copy of the sent letter will go into the history of the contact record too so you can track who and what you have sent on a contact by contact basis (as shown in the screenshot below):


A 2 day delivery service is provided as part of the cost as standard. Quotations can be provided for next day delivery. 

To find out more about this feature please click here to watch a short video.

Please contact our Support Helpdesk if you have any questions.