1. Ability to hyperlink back to the Clients contact record that the job is associated to from the report (column 1)

2. If you have a client with multiple jobs i.e. letting agent then we can set up a filter on the client column too

3. Data pulled in from custom fields information so you can choose what you want on the report layout

4. Filter down columns i.e. see all jobs in progress, cancelled, completed etc

5. When jobs are completed with end date it can then remove that completed job from the current list if you wish (we can set the rules on what you want the overview report to show as default and then the filter options can pull up other information you want to track i.e. completed jobs)

6. See what engineer/contractor is on what job by filtering on the engineer/contractor column

7. Export into excel or csv format or pdf.

Here is example of a dynamic report – click a button and it pops the report into a window inside a contact or on the dashboard.

Example of filters i.e date range etc from a report.

Date Range layouts:

1. Time i.e. month, quarterly, yearly, all.

1. 2. Date Range From Date To Date

This Date range will pull off all the records from 1 Dec to 21 Dec as this is the date range selected. The screenshot shows the most recent date first:

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