Check your Broadband is Suitable for VoIP

Before adding a VoIP Phone line that you should do a test of your broadband line to make sure that it is sufficient to support adding a VoIP line onto your account - please click here to read more. 

How to Add a VoIP Phone Line 

You can add a new VoIP phone line onto your CRM account from inside the Account icon, please follow the instructions below:

1. Click onto the Account icon which you will see along the menu bar:

2. Then select the 'Add Number' icon as shown below: 

3. A pop up screen will be displayed as shown below:

4. Please select from the drop down menu your geographic local area code that you would like to pick an available VoIP number from.

5. Then select an available number and click on Next to confirm as shown above.

6. The line will be added to your CRM account and will become active within 24 hours.   

7. We will be in contact with you by email to provide you with the details for the line. 

Pricing Information

1. CRM with VoIP integration plan =  £9 + VAT per line per month (includes Click2Call, caller ID, voicemail email alerts, call recording, call muting and call stats), plus you will also be paying for each CRM user at £15 + VAT per user per month.

Call Bond to pay = TBA - all VoIP accounts must pay a call bond deposit (which is refundable if you decide to cancel your line at a later date) this is payable in advance.  

The amount charged will be calculated on your projected outgoing call usage.

Call Charges: 

  • Calls to UK landlines are 1p per minute
  • Calls to UK Mobiles are 3p per minute
  • For international calls please contact our Support Helpdesk for details.

Phone Line Configuration

We have a wide variety of ways of setting up your phone lines, i.e. hunt group, queue, IVR call routing, divert to a call answering service and more. 

Please let us know what you are after and we will quote specific to your needs - contact our Support Helpdesk.

Once your VoIP line has been set up any line rental or call costs will be added to your CRM account - an invoice will automatically be generated, however if the line is added after the invoice date for your account this charge may initially be less. 

Please let us know which user you would like the VoIP line to be associated with - so that calls in and out on this line will correctly associate with the user and will be displayed correctly on the Dashboard.

If you would like a list of national numbers available please contact our Support Helpdesk.