Example 1: Job Installation – Custom Row – decking installation

We can track information such as installation and also after-care snags and follow ups easily in the custom fields.  We can assist you to set up a row so you can add and log in multiple installations or after-care snags that have been carried out for a customer.


Here is an example of a layout:

The headings show:  Job Installation date, Types, Colour, Location, Quoted £, Sales Value £, Sold By, Installed By and Comments (see screenshot below)


View and track:

Example 2: Snag Jobs – Custom Row – keeping on top of snags – report each snag job through to completion

If you are interested in having this set up or something similar free of charge inside your account contact our Support Desk.

If you want to then pull out this into an overview job tracking report - please click here to find out more information about this customisation and set up: