Open up Google Chrome browser on your iPad

Type in your account URL address into the address bar for example:

Login as normal with your user name and password. 

Click on the 'Remember Me' box to automatically save your login details for next time. 

In the address bar at the top click on the star icon Bookmark.

Optional: If you want to edit the bookmark's name go to the bottom bar and tap Edit.

When you've finished, tap the tick.

Your Chrome bookmark to your account will now be created. 

How to Access your Bookmarks on an iPad: 

To get to bookmarks that you saved on your iPad please follow these steps:

In the top-right, click the icon you see: Menu  or More .

Click Bookmarks.

Open the folder “Desktop bookmarks” or “Other bookmarks."

Click on the bookmark that you have set up to go straight to your login page.