We do not support this 3rd party handset so are unable to provide you with full Help-Desk support.  However we have discovered some information and guidance about the phone and set-up that we hope will help you: 


Please find a link below to a user manual: 




Page 18 is the VoIP settings. 




1. Go to Admin Menu / Enter Password / Select VoIP Settings 

2. Display Name as you would like to be displayed - e.g. phone number or company name. 

3. Enter Username 

4. Authorisation name 

5. Auth password as already provided 

6. Domain: sip.crmdomain.com

7. 1st Proxy: sip.crmdomain.com

8. 2nd Proxy: 

9. You may want to change the port from 5060 to 5065 if you encounter any problems getting the phone to work on your current port settings - however if you do not have issues then you may not need it. 


Please Note: There may be other options available - but as we do not support this handset we are unsure you will need to refer to the manual or back to the provider of the phone for assistance, cannot see them in the manual … e.g. you may want to change the port from 5060 to 5065 … but you may not need it.