We offer 360 degree customised functionality for tracking and managing the process from cleaner, to contractor to job overview all in one place. This is a popular feature for Cleaning businesses.


360 Degree Project Management - How does it work?


When you assign a cleaner to a cleaning contractor, key information gets populated into the cleaner contract record so that you have a record of all their job history.  

Capture the core details about the cleaner i.e. CRB checks, references sent and received, full driving license, availability, past experience etc. See example below.


When cleaners are put forward and placed in jobs we then capture a history of the work activity: 


See which client they worked for and the location of the site, their position, how long they worked there, hours worked and rate paid.


To assign cleaners to jobs you need to access the Contract Cleaner contact the job is associated to and then set up the new job.

You can add a ‘new’ contract or if you ‘click’ on the contract then it will pop-up a new window displaying the details behind the contract.



When you click on the contract name or ‘new’ link a pop up window appears requesting the name of the contract (see example below):



Enter a name and then click on the green button create.


This will then take you to a new pop up screen. 


To the left hand-side are ALL the details you want to capture about the new job. e.g. Contract Name / start date / end date / postcode / schedule / notes/ contract value.


You need to enter in the information.  If you add in a post code then when you go to add Cleaning Staff it will pull the list of the nearest cleaners to that post code.  If you do not put in the postcode it will just pull up list of ALL the cleaners.


To Add Cleaning Staff click on the + symbol – a list of cleaners will come up: 


You then need to click on the box next to the cleaner to allocate them.


The list has been ordered according to their geographic distance from the client site (in miles) – we use the ‘postcode’ under the site address to calculate the distance between the site and the cleaners (please note it is a straight line distance).


Please note it is possible to have multiple addresses under a cleaner – so if they ‘work’ at another postcode then we can take this into account along with their home address … we added an ‘availability’ field to the cleaner’s profile and this will be displayed here and also an indication as to the number of jobs that they are currently working on. This should then give you a better way of allocating cleaners.


So when you click on any contract inside a Cleaning Contract record: 


You can immediately view the contract as the pop up window will appear with all the details, see example below:

On the right hand-side you will see a list of cleaners which are associated with the contract – with all of the information that was previously in the cleaner profile visible here.  

So it pulls in their availability i.e. schedule details, rate charged, whether they are a cleaner or a supervisor.  The cleaner’s names are underlined – this is a hyperlink so if you click on the name it will take you back to the cleaner’s individual contact record details.  This is useful if you want to check more information before assigning them to the job.


You can also remove cleaning staff that you assigned in error by clicking on the REMOVE button:- See current/previous jobs, who client was, where the contract location was, position, start and end date, total hours and hourly rate paid.


Notice that the Client details are underlined in blue – this is a hyperlink so that you can click straight into the job it relates to.


Contract name, Status of the contract i.e what stage it is at, example above shows signed contracts.  What type of contract i.e. recurring or one-off job, postcode area, start and end date, number of cleaners required and number of cleaners assigned.  


This will then give you a good overview to see if you need to assign any further cleaners. 


You also have the flexibility of updating the contract should it change so you can see exactly where it is at and if you have enough cleaners assigned for a contract.


SMS Automated Reminder to the cleaner:


Send SMS automated reminders to the cleaner for a new job they need to attend.


This SMS reminder will pull in the start date, location, time and who they need to report to. 


The email will be triggered to be sent the day before the job start date. 


To give you flexibility to be able to stop an SMS reminder going out i.e. someone is being pulled in urgently and they have all the details to go the job immediately so do not require an SMS reminder. 

Simply Click on Notify check box if you WANT an SMS to go automatically to the cleaner day before job starts. 


Remain unchecked if you DO NOT WANT an SMS to be sent out automatically to cleaner.


Report Overview of Contracts:

Inside any contact is the Report button:

If you click on the Report button a window will appear with the latest jobs – the most recent on the top of the list. See example below:

We can then put filters in for you to search on Date Range, Client, Status and Type so you can see contract jobs associated over time period for ALL Clients, or a particular client, its status and type of contract i.e. One-off or Recurring.

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Filter by: Date Range     Filter by: Service Type      Filter by: Job Status     Filter by: Type     Filter by: Client

Client Details

Service Type

Job Status



Post Code

Start Date

End Date


ABC Company



One Off

Head Office






Fiona Harrold





Regent ST



LN1 2U




Anthony Robbins






B1 4TR




Tom Jones

Letting Property

In Progress



SN25 3TY














4 Jobs






15 Assigned 





1. Ability to hyperlink back to the Clients contact record that the job is associated to from the report (column 1)

2. If you have a client with multiple jobs i.e. letting agents then we can set up a filter on the client column too

3. Data pulled in from custom fields information so you can choose what you want on the report layout

4. Filter down columns i.e. see all jobs in progress, cancelled, completed etc

5. When jobs are completed with end date it can then remove that completed job from the current list if you wish (we can set the rules on what you want the overview report to show as default and then the filter options can pull up other information you want to track i.e. completed jobs)

6. Export into excel or csv format or pdf.


For more information contact our Support Helpdesk.