Please note: your PC must be connected to the same network (router) as your phone in order for you to access the Gigaset phone web interface settings. 

1. From your Gigaset phone press the middle square button as shown below to access the menu



2. Select the 'Settings' option which is shown as a spanner icon


3. Select the option 'Base'  (if no Base option is shown go straight to point 4 below):

4. Select the option 'Local Network'

5. Scroll down to find your VoIP IP Address as you will need to enter this IP Address into a web browser to access the Gigaset Base Station web interface settings.

6. Enter the IP Address into a web browser by entering your IP address such as 192.168.X.XXX (for example) once you have put this into the address bar of your browser it may add /login.html at the end so the address looks like: 


If you have any issues with accessing the login page please try removing the last digit from your IP address in the address bar or the last '0' from the address. 

You will now see your Gigaset Base Station login page as shown below:

7. Enter the pin 0000 and click OK


8. You will then see the following screen displayed: 


For assistance please contact our Support Helpdesk.