If you are adding in a new Base Station into your phone set up to help increase call capacity you will need to follow the step by step instructions below to move VoIP lines and handsets over to the new Base Station: 


1. De-register the handsets that are used with the existing N300 IP Base Station.  The are the handsets which need to be moved over to the new N510 Base Station.  To do this from each of the handsets click on the central button on the phone (as shown below) 



Access the Settings menu option (shown as a spanner icon) and then click on Registration – click on De-register handset.   


If the above option is not shown please click on the 'INT' button and select the handset name and click on 'Options' and select 'De-register' to un-register the handset from base.  


2. Next login to the existing N300 Base Station web interface to remove the phone lines that need to be moved over to the new N510 base station.


Do this by finding the IP address of the existing base from the phone and enter the IP address into a web browser please click here to see how. 


3. Once logged into the Gigaset Base Station web interface please remove the VoIP lines that are to be moved over as shown in the link below: 



4. Plug in the new N510 Base Station into the spare LAN port on your router or switch – once connected you will see a blue light on the front of the base. 



5. Register the phone handsets onto the new Base Station - please follow the instructions below:

  • To register your handset click on the right hand side of the silver square button in the middle of your handset - this will take you to the Menu options.



  • Next select Settings - this may be shown as a spanner icon.
  • Then select Handset 
  • Next select Register Handset
  • If asked to enter a PIN enter 0000
  • The message Base will flash on your phones display screen.
  • Within 60 seconds of doing this press and hold the blue button on the front of the base station for about 3 seconds.
  • Your handset will then display INT 1 which indicates successful registration. 

6. The handsets will then be registered to the Base Station – meaning that you can then get the IP address from the phone for the new Base Station – to do this go to Settings - System – Local Network where the IP address will be displayed - please click here to see how. 


Please note: If you have told us which VoIP lines are to be moved over the new Gigaset N510 Base Station then the lines would already be configured onto the new base for you - if they are not then you will need to configure the lines - please click here for more information. 


7.  Use the IP address to login to the N510 Base Station web interface where you can select Settings – Telephony – Number Assignment where you can select which lines ring which handset and also rename the handsets from this screen as shown below: 



If you have any questions please contact our support desk for assistance.