Emails sent via internal pop up email service are not logged inside your account, why? 

The reason that you are unable to see the emails you have sent via the internal pop up email section on the Dashboard or inside a contacts History could be due to: 

1. The email has been blocked previously. 

The only time we will block an email will be for the following reasons:

A. The email you sent was not to a valid email address or you spelt the email address incorrectly.  When the email was sent over our email platform it will have hard bounced - this is a permanent delivery error.   

So if an email has hard bounced - this will be why any future emails to that address will not be logged inside your account.

B. The email was blocked by the recipients email server hence it hard bounced - spam pre-blocked. This could be due to the email having been interpreted as spam by the recipients email server and hence it has been blocked. 

C. Once the email has hard bounced then the email is automatically blocked from being sent again.

D.  If you look back inside the contact's history at the last email that was sent out over the e-Marketing platform then you will see if you open up that email history there will be a status 'FAILED'. 

E. When you open up the email history itself you will see the reason for this such as 'Hard Bounced - User Unknown' recorded as shown in the screenshot below: 

E. To rectify this you need to check the email address to ensure it is not spelt incorrectly or contact the client and get a new email address and add this to the client contact profile so that it will associate the new email address and you will once again be able to see corresponding emails inside the history and on the dashboard for that particular contact.

F. Alternatively it may show 'Hard bounced - spam preblocked' as shown in the example below: 

G. Please contact our Support Desk to see if the email address is valid, if so we may be able to unblock the email address for you. 

2. I have sent an email out but there is no log of that email at all inside the contacts History or on the Dashboard

If an email to this contact has previously FAILED as shown below:  Then any emails sent since the first email failed will automatically be blocked so they will not be sent out to your contact and hence they will not be shown on the Dashboard or inside the contacts History. 

3. The only time that an email template with an attachment will not send out is if you have: 

A. If you have moved the file inside your File Repository into another location i.e. into another folder or if you have re-named the file name. 

Any file that gets uploaded into the file repository has a unique URL address that the system picks up to attach it to the email each time you send out the email template with the file attachment.  

If you move, update or remove the file then the attachment breaks and the email will not send out.

To ensure emails with attachments get sent - any changes you make to a file attachment - you need to remove the original file attachment from the email template and replace it with the new one.


B. The email will not be sent out if the file attachment(s) exceeds 7 MB in file size. The email platform limits the maximum size of an attachment to 7MB so please bear this in mind when using attachments to an email that is sent out via the internal pop up email platform.