Many clients want the flexibility to send out multiple SMS messages from different numbers or department names i.e. from Sales or Accounts etc.  

We can set up a range of different SMS templates each with a unique sender origination name or number which can be set up as an automatic trigger to send out the relevant SMS message directly to your contact. 

We can offer two options as shown below: 

1. Fixed SMS Message Template: 

The SMS template is preset with the text and a name so that the template can be selected from a drop down list of SMS templates (as shown below)

These 'fixed' templates have been set up with the text you have provided us with.  

The SMS can be triggered by selecting a date as shown in the example below:

You could enter the date and this would send out the SMS message instantly or you could have a date rule where the SMS is sent out automatically after the date entered such as 1 day or 3 days later etc. 

If you do not wish to send the SMS message you can put a check in the 'No SMS' checkbox as shown below:

How much does this cost to set up? 

We charge £25 + VAT for each 'fixed' SMS template, however if you have more than one template then we can offer a discount for bulk templates. 

What does a fixed template mean? 

A fixed template is where we have the SMS text content which has been set up and cannot be edited and is linked to an SMS origination name or number.  This is non-editable. 

How do I set up an SMS template?

a). Provide us with the title heading and text content along with the SMS origination name or number that you wish the SMS message to be sent from.  

Please note: the SMS origination name/number must be no more than 11 characters long. 

b).  Please note that if the content of the text message is 160 characters or below which includes spaces this is classed as one SMS credit which is charged at 10p per message.  Anything over 160 characters is charged at an extra 10p per message. 


c). Once we have all the information the SMS templates can be set up. 


2. Editable SMS Templates - from £75 + VAT


If required we can also set up an editable SMS template which gives you the ability to change the content of the SMS message, however the SMS origination name or number would be fixed. 

We can restrict access to the editing by giving only the Admin user access to the SMS text via a button which could be done via the Dashboard page or inside a contacts a record as shown in the example below:

When the button is clicked a pop up window would appear as shown below with the SMS content which allows the user to edit this text as shown in the example below:

When the SMS messages have been sent out you will see a copy of the message on the Dashboard in your CRM account in real-time as shown below:  

Click onto the SMS messages on the Dashboard (see above example) and it will take you straight into the contacts record as shown below:

Please contact our support desk with your requirements so that we can provide you with a quotation. 

Can I customise the SMS Origination name or number for each SMS message? 

Yes we have several options available to allow you to customise your SMS message to display a name/number that the SMS message has been sent from.  Please click here to read more.